SEF cloud technology
and sales funnel:

end-to-end analytics platform,
attributing the value of sessions,
solving problems of promoting small and medium businesses

Regardless of main activity, format or size, any business needs marketing research before starting the development of a business plan and creating numerous tools for promotion.
Marketers build the so-called sales funnel either at the start of the project, when it is scaled or on the stage of global reconstruction, and then correct it after analyzing the practice.
Not every entrepreneur understands what the sales funnel is and why a competent approach to its creation is required. Many do not even try to grasp the essence of the concept. The results of ignorance can be the following:
incorrect assessment or lack of understanding of advertising channels profitability;
inability to correctly redistribute the marketing budget;
investing in effective marketing tools;
gradual and global losses, bankrupcy.
Cloud service for a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of advertising
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What the "sales funnel" is: defining a model of potential-to-result transformation

It is difficult to give a clear definition of the sales funnel, since this concept is diverse and has many nuances for each activity niche. If we proceed from the general essence for all, then this is a marketing tool for planning and subsequent evaluation of business performance.

Why "funnel"? Because the tool is named by analogy with any other similar things, including natural phenomena, which entrain and drag along the narrowing turns down to the inevitable final.
What is a funnel for business? Here we are talking about the emergence and consistent, gradual deepening of the audience's interest, the step-by-step guiding of the customer to decision making.
The invention of the "pullout" term is attributed to Elias St. Elmo Lewis.
At the end of the XIX century, he formulated the essence of the process, but then it was only a consumer model.
Today, the sales funnel is a push for any action the entrepreneur needs: buying, ordering, registering, clicking, recalling, switching to another resource, and so on. In any case, the result of the impact is the transformation of a potential target audience representative into a real buyer. That what is called conversion.

The higher the conversion percentage, the more effective the pre-marketing work was to build a pullout model. This is the success indicator for the implementation of business processes!

How to build a sales funnel

A logical question arises from any person who thinks the moves through and plans a business: how to build a sales funnel so that it is as efficient as possible, and where to start? The first question is easy to answer.
There is a great variety of schemes and examples of sales funnels offered today and available on the internet, as well as typical stages of its passage.

All models are publicly available and are built on "three pillars":

creating an interesting product;
planning its phased promotion (advertising and branding / re-branding campaigns, the formation and development of the site, etc.);
adjustment of plans to reflect the practice after implementation.
More important is not how to build or count the sales funnel. The bottom line is that the "three pillars" traditionally stand on one foundation. In this case it is the information analysis.
Who owns it, he owns the world, as Rothschild said. Any work on building your own model begins with market research and the correct conclusions about the situation!
How to get data for the creation and subsequent management of the sales funnel? How to quickly and accurately analyze it? These are more correct and important questions at the start of the marketing work.
Huge Talmuds, barn books, giant encyclopedic publications and other similar editions have sunk into oblivion with the rise and common accessibility of the Internet.
Databases, CRMs and other software laid out on stationary internal servers with complex configuration of remote accesses are also vestiges of the past.
In the 21st century, there is so much information that the internal server will not accommodate, the current software will not cope with the analysis, especially the brain of the marketer. The specialist knows how to calculate the sales funnel, but he will never process the layers of important data for the entire conscious life in order to use them for successful business!
A person is able to quickly assess and use the provided technological system after analyzing huge amounts of data, and this is our most current reality! New solutions come to the rescue - cloud servers and end-to-end analytics.

Innovative solution for building sales funnels

Sef Digital LLC offers SEF (Statistic Effective Funnel) cloud technology, a platform with automated marketing processes, attributing the value of sales funnel sessions.
Settings are conducted in accordance with the objectives of the current stage of the business.
The marketing process in companies is accelerated and simplified.
It is convenient for all participants, regardless of their qualification.
The conversion model goes to the planned, predicted and transparent level.
The system is able to handle more than 1 billion operations per second! End-to-end analytics forms the basis for building a sales funnel or its reconstruction.
All work is performed in the cloud.
Guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement on the quality of services) - 99.95%.
Data is stored on Microsoft certified servers.
The product for planning, monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing processes and advertising campaigns comes on SaaS-basis. Payment is carried out monthly, the estimate is formed individually, depending on the amount of data required.
What can an entrepreneur or his responsible specialist assess in his marketing funnel using a new technology? He will understand the following:
value of investments in sales and profitability of each individual division;
priority funnel steps to improve in order to stop draining the budget of the enterprise;
understanding, how to increase profitability without increasing or attracting new investments;
defining, which steps are designed for quick returns, and which ones for the long term;
the veracity of the contractors reports in the field of advertising and marketing;
approaches to earn same amounts, reducing the expenses in the default activity;
knowledge of what additional profit and the volume of it is lost due to budget limitation;
understanding how to redistribute the infusion, directing it to profitable marketing channels and much more.

Participation in testing service for building sales funnels

We are currently selecting 100 companies that want to test the technology for free in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We accept applications from legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and specialists operating in the field of B2B and B2C:
food delivery;
HORECA (restaurateurs, hoteliers);
professional services in B2C and B2B, including legal, real estate, etc.
Want to be part of an exciting process? We are waiting for your application! The test results will help to find a solution to a number of critical problems that hamper the development of small and medium-sized businesses. There will be no overall economic growth and development of the regions and the country as a whole Without the success of its representatives.
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